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About Sassafras Goldens

At Sassafras Goldens, our dogs are family.  Each of our goldens are selected and brought into our home to be our family pets and working companions first and foremost. Our dogs are only added to our breeding program after demonstrating temperament, conformation, or working  traits that we feel will enhance the breed. If we find that one of our goldens doesn't have what we need for our breeding program, that's okay too! Because each of our dogs are in our lives to bring us joy, not profit!


We do not have litters year round and , as a result, are able to focus all of our energy into the limited number of puppies that we have available. We are so proud of every puppy that we have produced! Sassafras puppies have received amazing reviews from new families in regards to their temperament and trainability. This is not surprising as the golden retriever is a natural in both family and field. We strive to make a great breed even better through carefully selected genetics and our puppy rearing protocol.

  behind the goldens

I have been passionate about dogs my entire life and have always planned for a future filled with them!


The golden retriever has held a special place in my heart since bringing our first golden home.

The versatility of this breed allows me to follow my passions in so many different areas of the dog world. I am at my best when I am with my dogs and nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to share them with others!


Sassafras Goldens is a family affair. From potty breaks to puppy socialization, each family member plays an important role in making this dream come true!

Jade Anderson


Our Team
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