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Puppy Shopping List - With Links!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023


This is a short shopping list that includes links to the basic items that every puppy owner will need when bringing their new puppy home.

The brands listed were chosen based on price,customer rating, and our personal preference- not necessarily because we have used them. Don't hesitate to shop around!



Puppy Chow, food/water bowl, bed,collar,leash,ID tag,treats, toys & chews (see list below)


Housebreaking & Crate Training

Crate,exercise pen, washable pad,crate bowl,poop bags,disposable puppy pads,cleaner



Shampoo,conditioner,finishing spray, brush,nail clippers, & blow dryer


Toy & Chew Ideas

Never leave a puppy unsupervised with any of these products!

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